Which products should you use for your hair?

Naturally Curly created a breakdown of curl types. This is basically recognised worldwide by manufacturers, distributors, hair dressers, customers, etc. So finding your hair type helps greatly in finding products! Click on the link in this paragraph to take you to their site and try and find your type.

By try I mean, it will not be super straight-forward!! You may be a “classic” 2A but you may have days when you are 3A; or parts of your head are 3C and others 2B. The below grid steers you in the direction of which Jessicurl products work on which type. But that is also not the Holy Grail. Eg. I have fine curly hair (3A-B) but find Spiralicious too heavy for me and use Rockin’ Ringlets.

Having curly hair is sometimes challenging but once you figure out what works, when, you can get a plan going. The may mean you have an arsenal of products – some you use daily, others just occasionally. And on super bad days, just wear it up!!!

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