About every two months I treat myself to an Indian hot oil head massage at the local spa place. This is a real treat and an amazing boost for dry curls!

The massage itself is very relaxing. Of course, if you don’t like anyone touching your head, you will not enjoy!! But I think it is grand and especially since I do not go to the hairdresser, I miss having wonderful shampoo-ing scalp massages. They use a mixture of oils and massage your scalp. This is great as, although I use oil every night myself, I have no patience to massage my own head for 30 minutes!!

When done I do not rinse it out. I bundle my hair up and leave it as long as I can – usually overnight. I sleep on an older soft T-shirt as the scalp is oily. I wash out the next morning. This gives my ends a lot of┬ámoisture and nourishment. A built in plus!!

I can only recommend this if you have an option nearby. It is worth the price in gold as a deep conditioning treatment and a very relaxing experience.

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