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These are woven out of a bouclé cotton, similar to terry cloth. Very absorbent, ideal for drying your hands in the kitchen or bath.

All of my tea towels are handwoven on my 4 shaft floor loom, using Brassard cotton from Canada.

Every tea towel I weave is unique. Even coming off a warp of perhaps 8 towels, each individual towel will be different. No twins, just siblings.

Each towel has been pre-washed in the machine and hand hemmed.

Materials: 100% cotton. Machine wash warm, line dry. Hot iron if desired.

I send out a newsletter to tea towel aficionados every time new towels are available (absolutely no pressure to purchase). Please let me know if you would like to be on the list:

Shipping note outside NZ: The price quoted and that you pay will most likely be too high. I will reimburse the overpaid amount as soon as I ship your item. This is because the shipping is calculated for wool shawls and not lighter cotton tea towels.

I sell these at the Farmer’s Market every Sunday. In the very odd instance that you purchase a towel in the moment I happen to sell at the market, rest assured I will contact you for a replacement or reimburse you the amount.




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