Some of my customers have asked what to do before bed. Of course, everyone is different but here is what I do depending on how my hair is behaving. Maybe that will give you some inspiration and ideas!

First off, I do something different every night! It depends on how my hair is reacting and what it needs. If you feel your hair you will notice if it is dry or not. And with experience you will know what to do. That said, curly hair is never the same! And I don’t use all of these products very night at the same time!

: I massage in Oil every night. I do this before any other treatment. I notice a real difference in hydration. Also, every night I wear my hair in a pineapple that I pull together after treatment. And I sleep on a silk scarf wrapped around my pillow.

1 = My hair looks great! You know that feeling = you don’t want to rock the boat. But it’s time for bed. On evenings like this I will just lightly prayer-hand coat my hair with oil and pineapple my hair up.

2 = My hair lacks some curl definition. For me this is usually in the front and temple parts as these are the most grey and therefore the driest. After sectioning I spray each part with either watered down Awe Inspiraling, plain water, or an oil spray. Then I prayer-hand apply Confident Coils to each section individually and scrunch a bit. I add some more right at my hair line in front. Then gather in the pineapple.

3 = My hair lacks mega definition. I section my hair and spray usually with just water (otherwise too much product build up). Then I coat in both Confident Coils and either Spiralicious or Rockin’ Ringlets. Depends on which styling bottle is closest!! And I definitely add some more right at my hair line in front. Then gather in the pineapple.

4 = My ends feel dry. This is when I grab a conditioner. After water or Awe Inspiraling I coat in Too Shea! moisturizer in the lower half of my hair. I can only do this about once a cleanse period as otherwise my hair gets too heavy. I usually do this around day 6. But it revives my curls enough for another couple of days.

5 = Night before cleanse. This is when I will massage in the Scalp Massage Oil. I also prayer-hand as usual , adding more into my ends. I might even add some moisturizer. This gives my hair a nice treatment over night for hydration.

Prayer-hand = Put some product in the palm of one hand and then rub together. The warmth of your hands distributes the product in both palms. Then with flat palms on each side of your hair, gently coat either all your hair or a section. After whatever I do I usually tip all my hair over and coat from neck area as well.

Section: I section my hair into four parts. Lower half, parted at the back of my neck, When this is done I let down the top half and divide that at my frontal part.

Amounts = For my long hair I use:
Oil = during the week about one 20 cent size for each side (I divide my hair in half). On the night before cleanse $1 size for scalp and praying. Oil goes a long way. Less is more.
Confident Coils = $1 size for each side.
Spiralicious / Rockin’ Ringlets = $1 size for each side.
Too Shea! = $2 size for each side concentrating on the ends / lower part of hair.

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