Day 4 hair is, for me, similar to days 5 – 8! By now the front parts of my hair have become much drier. I have a lot of grey here, and grey hair is coarser and drier than non-grey. This is what I do to get some bounce back.

Above is how I wake up. I have only undone the pineapple. Nothing else. The front area around my forehead is dry and frizzy. The front ear area has lost its curl and flat. The lower curls still have bounce. Everything needs a refresh. Here is what I do:

1) Using the palms of my hands I massage my scalp and loosen up the curl.
2) I section my hair. First I grab the hair from my ears up and clip it out of the way. Then I section the lower hair into 2 parts and let them fall down the front sides.
3) Each lower section I spray with a mix of Awe Inspiraling and water (about 30:70). That dilutes the mix and makes my bottle last longer! I spray from the scalp to the ends while roll my hair. This ensures that all sides of my hair get a refresh. About 6 pumps altogether. I want the hair moist, not dripping wet.
4) I coat each section with about a $2 coin size of Confident Coils (CC) that I have rubbed together in my hands. I scrunch the lower curls as I do this.
5) Then I do the same with Rockin’ Ringlets (RR).
6) Now I take down the clipped top hair, divide it into 2 sections and repeat steps 3-5.
7) I flip my hair upside down and with a “praying hands” motion cover the outside of my hair with CC. This pats down any frizz. While I do this I scrunch the lower curls. *** If my hair around my temples is frizzier I will also pat in some RR.
8) Then I flip back up and arrange the curls. Sometimes I like to pin back some curls on top of my head to add volume.
9) Air dry, no touch!

That is what it looks like. It probably takes about 30 minutes to dry. Then I scrunch out on each side to get rid of the hardness of the styling product. Sometimes I leave the pins in, other times I take them out.

And we live for another day!!!

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